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"the rare 'inspired by' movie that actually inspires..infused with an affecting dose of authenticity...remarkable...

Harchol’s inspirational film eschews mainstream tropes in favor of a bracingly candid sociological study that has compellingly done its homework."

Michael Rechtshaffen,  LA Times

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"Few [movies about inner city schoolteachers] have approached the subject with the impressive realism and naturalism as Hanan Harchol's semi-autobiographical feature directorial debut... About a Teacher deserves the theatrical release it would have gotten in more normal times and is definitely worth seeking out."

Frank Sheck, Hollywood Reporter



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 "I've rarely seen a movie about teachers and students that was this realistic... It doesn't seem phony at all."

Peter Rainer FilmWeek (KPCC-NPR Los Angeles)

 "In terms of what it says about public schools, education, and the difficulties that teachers face -- [it] felt very authentic, real, and naturalistic"

Lael Loewenstein  FilmWeek (KPCC-NPR Los Angeles)

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"Harchol has created a movie that should be shown in every required entry-level education course." Rating: 10/10

- Bev Questad  It's Just Movies


"A new film written and directed by a teacher comes closer to capturing the feel of classroom life than most of its big budget predecessors...It turns out that it takes a teacher to make a decent movie about a teacher."

- Robert Pondiscio EducationNext

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About a Teacher is a lovely, impassioned, and undeniably human film that honors the teaching profession....the film features many of Harchol’s former students in the cast and crew. The fact that they would come back to bring his vision to life is inspiring. 

- Andrew Stover  Film Threat

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"We all could use some encouragement to persevere right now."

- Sandee Brawarsky  The New York Jewish Week

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" 'About a Teacher' is an understated and deeply felt tribute to teachers..."


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Harchol reflects that “my students are my teachers, my best teachers.”

- Rich Tenorio  The Times of Israel

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Israeli Filmmaker Draws on Real-Life Experiences in ‘About a Teacher’ - review by Simi Horwitz

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"...the film offers a meaningful look at urban education..." - review by Eleanor Bader

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"The students,...were actual pupils of Harchol who came back to play themselves at age seventeen." - review by Harvey Karten

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"Hanan Harchol's inspiring drama..." - review by Benyamin Cohen

Review for Voice of America (in Russian) by Oleg Sulkin

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